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Re: School Photographs
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I seem to remember Mr Carroll telling me that he took over from a Mr Redding who incidentally taught me around 1950-52. I am pretty certain that he would have taken over from Mr Kirby.
Mr Redding rode a Matchless motorbike and I remember him explaining to the class how the Internal Combustion Engine worked.
Mr Kirby was head at the time of the death of King George VI  and I have a clear recollection of him going to each class in turn with the news. We also had a memorial service conducted by Mr Kirby. and to this day and I know this might sound a bit daft but I can still hear the two minute silence when everything and every body stopped.
The only Photo I have of Greet School is the school trip to the Festival Of Britain on 4th July 1951. I will have a scout round but really doubt if I will be able to find it. Funny I still remember the date !
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Re: School Photographs
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I was at Greet Primary School (and nursery) 1960-67.
The head was Mr Baines, and I believe Tom Carrol took over when he retired.
I had Tom Carrol as teacher in Class 1. The other teachers' names I remember are Mr Harbird (Class 3) and Mrs Reynolds (Class 5).
Attached is a picture of the 1967 school cricket team (including me) .... with Mr Carrol and the teacher who ran the team, who I think was Mr Warrington.

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Re: School Photographs
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hi Geoff  your photo with a tad of colour

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