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Re: Curry up the Rock
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At the back end of the 70's I lived in a flat over a shop on Alum Rock and my sister lived next door - over another flat. Our Saturdays were something like - get the big shopping trolley bag - no car then! walk down the hill to Tesco's for the basics, which was on the corner of GA street and next to KwikSave. Sometimes we might go in there. Then work our way back up the hill, stopping at Sheldon's the butchers, maybe looking in Margarets - the clothes shop, maybe looking in Tesco's Home and Wear(Delamere) half way up. Then the Co-op Greengrocers, maybe the Co-op hardware store and maybe the Co-op itself before crossing the road to Braggs(now Greggs) for a welcome cup of tea and a Choux Cream Cake. Then the co-op off-licence if we were staying in that night. Otherwise, The Country Girl Pub. Shopping took best part of the day then when we lived on the Rock.


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Re: Curry up the Rock
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Hi Goose, We lived in Denbigh St the Mrs & I in those days and spent many an evening in the 'Girl'.
 Myself and some pals ran the Taverners CB Club there for a while, used to put some entertainment on at weekends.
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Re: Curry up the Rock
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Does anyone have any pictures of the Paris restaurant that was on alum rock road? My grandfather owned it and he passed away of Boxing Day. I would love to have some images of it as this is what he was known for. Any images would be greatly appreciated to honour his memory. Thank you 😊