Author Topic: the old pubs of brum  (Read 571622 times)


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Re: the old pubs of brum
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There is always more than one. One day it will come up, What's the saying when you get something wrong I was just going off the caption. ;D 

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Re: the old pubs of brum
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Now here are a couple of real "old pubs of brum" They were next door to each other on Deritend High Street one at number 221 and the other at 222. The location was between Milk Street and Floodgate Street, sadly I think they were both gone by the early 1900's. The Old Leather Bottle was at number 222 and Ye Old Three Crowns was at number 221.
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Re: the old pubs of brum
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My wife and I have fond memories of the White Swan on Grosvenor St. West just off Sheepcote St. (not to be confused with several other White Swans in the city).[/font][/size]We were last there about 2001. We always intended to go back but by the time we did some years later it was closed up, sadly. It was a cosy old-fashioned pub, a contrast to the louder bars on Broad St.[/size]
I understand it later went through a few refurbishments and was called Darwin's for a time. It has had two phases as a restaurant - it was the Grosvenor Rice Co for a time and is now a Caribbean Restaurant. Well at least the building is still there and in use.[/size]