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Re: Bull Ring Photos
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I remember the winter of 1947 and Judith said the snow was so high walking along Percy Rd to school it was like walking through a tunnel.
The snow had drifted and the snow literally reached bedroom height. I was only about 6 at the time I thought it was great and could not wait for it snow like that again. I had to wait until December 30th 1961 for another Snowfall like that, the reason I remember the It was the day we got married !!!!
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Re: Bull Ring Photos
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In 1947 I was just nine years old.  No ploughs or cleared pavements where I lived due south of the city.  I trudged through the snow, often up to my arm pits to school.  I got there, there were no prizes, pats on the back etc. because you were expected to get there come what may.
No school closures or other mundane excuses for shutting the world down in those days even when there is a very slight dusting of snow.  The major problem seems to be that so many who rely on cars are unable to cope and drive in such conditions.
Living in an area where snow might fall, an inch or so, every ten years it is quite interesting how most things grind to a halt.
But, when we get the 'lake effect', which comes down the English Channel from the east and crosses Lyme Bay every twenty years or so then look out because a significant snowfall can be experienced.  Thank goodness for freezers and coal fires which provide sustenance and warmth.   ;D

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Re: Bull Ring Photos
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shes had a make over

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Re: Bull Ring Photos
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shes had a make over

You forgot to add the soap bubbles.....
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