Author Topic: The real difference between Birmingham and the Black country accent/Cannock etc  (Read 23980 times)

tony armstrong

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i left brum in 1965 and moved to banbury with birds custard and returned and now live in walsall and still have my brummie accent my sister and brother who still live near banbury have got real local accents. ???


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I live in south staffordshire near rugeley, so i'm all a bit confused in this -

I thought everybody from Ru-geley spoke with a Welsh


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As an Irishman who spent my youth in Birmingham, I never had trouble understanding the Brummie accent, even though it sounded strange to me. but when I moved here to the Black Country in the late 70's it was just like moving to another country. I can speak (or should I say Spake) the dialect like a native now, but for the first two years  had to carry a note book around with me To learn what most words meant i.e how Am ya, how bist ya, ow bin ya, how bae ya, yow, yam, feur,. Yet still I can hear a Brummie accent from Miles away. Awright


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Talked with a Scouse at the 'orspital yesteday.he said he heard me with the nurse and wondered
if I had lived in Brum at some time cus I had a
kind of Brummie accent,just a but softer..Well wbat
could I say but thankyou
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Yow alwight our wench.   8)
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