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Re: things folk say
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Some years ago, I had an old Mercedes Benz while my car was in the garage having some work done on it, anyway, the engine was noisy and the rad leaked, but it was transport for the week end,
Saturday night dinner party at a friends house went down great, ( we had champagne ) I used an empty bottle filled it with water and went outside poped the bonnet of the Merc and filled the rad, at the same time a drunk staggered by, looked at me filling the radiator of the Merc, and said "[censored] me, you really pamper them foreign cars don't you, whats wrong with it, "I said piston broke"and the drunk said "me too" and staggered on up the road.........John 2000  ;D
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Re: things folk say
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the old ones are the best   ;D
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