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Have your say on Birmingham Budget
« on: October 12, 2011, 08:58:18 PM »

Its time to have your say in this so called 'consultation'. In my experience consultations are requested after the decision has been made and are merely a box ticking exercise to say that people were consulted. Lets see if this one proves different.

My top gripes,

public investment = jobs, get the schools rebuilt to regenerate the building industry and all that feed off a working population.
Put more money into effective youth schemes such as the 'Marvellous' Clifton Rd Youth Centre in Sutton Coldfield that pulls youth in from the North of Birmingham to well attended Gig nights, skateboards and other activities. This keeps kids off the streets and out of trouble. No-one from that Youth club got involved in the riots as they were too busy!
Put more money into adult support services providing quality activities with well paid staff that want to be there. The centres are being reduced places are limited and the pay is so poor that it does not attract the best carers/client support workers
Put more money into council run homes for elderly. Privatisation really does not work as elderly people can be easily bounced from one home to another with questionable standards of care
Get rid of the car share lane what a waste of money this white elephant is.
Get rid of the road traffic planners who seem keen on destroying the infrastructure by senseless road schemes - such as the traffic light systems in the centre of town by Matthew Bolton
Stop allowing Tesco's to build on every spare island around the number 11 bus route and ring roads. They keep putting in self-service where are the jobs and where is the choice/competition?

stop the councillors perks, we can't afford it

That will be the substance behind my consultation response - what will be yours?