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BBC4 - Secret History of Rubbish
« on: February 10, 2012, 06:03:41 PM »
 I am working on a social history documentary series for BBC4 working title 'The Secret Life of Rubbish' which will reveal how Britain developed a throwaway mindset post second world war and how latterly the country has attempted to change that attitude. From 1945 - 1990's we will see how the contents of dustbins has changed and how those working in the waste industry dispose of our increasing rubbish from landfill to incineration to salvage and recycling. 
As one of the biggest cities and unitary authorities in the country it would be interesting to uncover human stories in Birmingham using archive to illustrate the real changing events over the last half century.
I am looking for the people who worked hard - or still do - and make up this industry whether operating old dustcarts in the city streets, landfill sites, incineration plants, transportation of refuse (by road, rail, boat, etc), and indeed whether you know of any individuals who may have a story to tell?
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