Author Topic: Digital Media Study - want to play with some electronic toys?  (Read 737 times)


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London based Digital Media Agency Decipher is running a study on digital media habits, and is offering 15 families in London, Manchester, and Birmingham the chance to have their homes kitted out with the latest digital kit, including superfast broadband, microsoft media center, x-boxes, mp3 players and other fun devices. The idea is to interview the families periodically to see how the new toys are affecting their lifestyle.

All equipment and/or upgrades will be installed at no cost, and the study goes from July - December. It is designed to be fun and not taxing on your time. 

To be eligible, households must have the following:

- Live in or around the city of Birmingham
- Digital television of some kind (at least Freeview)
- More than one person
- Have not used high end media tools such as Bittorrent or Media Center.

Recruitment is closing SOON, so if you are interested in being considered for one of the 15 households, please follow the link below where you can read more about this study, and register your interest. You will be contacted by the end of July if chosen: