Author Topic: Roll me a joint, so I can be a member of parliament  (Read 505 times)


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Roll me a joint, so I can be a member of parliament
« on: July 19, 2007, 04:07:48 PM »
 So there will be a witch hunt in Parliament, "have you ever smoked weed", ya man great stuff", and when was this diabolical act done. oh, about 15 years ago, can you imagine if they asked every one in the UK, have you ever smoked weed,  ^-^, and I think about 90% will say sure, haven't you,? thats like asking any man if he's ever been to a whore house, the answer will always be , no, never, ( porky pies ), about 25% would be telling fibs,
For myself, I have smoked a joint, ( didn't think much of it), but you try the space cake, man, that will blow your mind for sure, ( it did mine), it was the only time in my life that I had a dilemma what to do first, take of my coat or my shoes first, I sat there for a good 10 Min's trying to work it out, and as I lay in bed, "man", the light show was fantastic
I had a small piece of space cake, "try that"see what you think", never again, it was great trip, but I don't want to go there again,  :idiot2: ever.
but I know people who are in pain a lot, and they smoke a joint some times to ease the pain, ( and I'm told it does,) but its like alcohol, first you take a drink, then another, and then another, but then the drink takes you..... :o and don't forget where I live you can buy it in a coffee shop.  :buck2:
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