Author Topic: Please Help~~Questionnaire about visiting Cadbury World & Royal Worcester  (Read 936 times)


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Dear All:
I am a student of University of Bham,
My dissertation research is about potential visitorsímotivation for visiting Cadbury World and Royal Worcester Visitor Center in the UK. and I want to find people who in the UK
2. have never been Cadbury World or Royal Worcester 
3. are interested in visiting Cadbury World or Royal Worcester 

 If you have time, plz plz plz help me fill it. just 10 minutes...I guess O0
(there' r some cute pictures inside, so i guess this questionnaire wont be too boring~)
btw, if u know friends who love chocolate or porcelain in the UK (haha~) , :laugh:
maybe  ask them fill in this questionnaire, it will be very helpful for my dissertation (ccc.........)

many many thanks in advance~~

Best Wishes