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English Constitutional Convention Petition
« on: August 16, 2007, 01:54:48 AM »
Our aims are honourable, just and democratic. We demand a fair deal for England, for our old people, for our students and for our sick & infirm. We demand constitutional equality with the other countries in the UK and the end of vindictive anti English policies right now!

If you care about your country act now before its too late...England Expects -approval/

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to require H M Government to give full approval and all practical assistance to an English Constitutional Convention, which will allow a national debate in England on devolution and her future constitutional settlement, along the lines of the admirable Scottish Constitutional Convention.

What the SCC achieved for Scotland with full government backing, this petition aims to achieve for England, and with the same methods, namely by debate and persuasion. England is the oldest unified nation in Europe, of which everyone, young
and old, for whom England is their home and their future, can be very proud. The devolution the ECC will consider will be for England as one people, and not a 'scheme' that would partition England into regions.

England alone has no legal, constitutional and political existence. Politically and constitutionally we English, qua English, do not exist. England is the only part of the UK which is still governed entirely by the UK government. This is a constitutional injustice and political discrimination against the people of England. The purpose of this ECC will be the bringing together of everyone for whom England is their home and their future in order to achieve what was expressed in the Scottish Right of Claim, namely the acknowledgement by the UK Government of the sovereign right of the English people to determine their form of government by agreeing a scheme for an Assembly or Parliament for England.