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Help The Heathers!!!Birmingham band
« on: August 19, 2007, 12:43:49 PM »
Hi everyone

Birmingham band "The Heathers" have been taking the music scene by storm recently and have a great chance to get on to a new Channel 4 show called "mobileACT unsigned". It would be great for Birmingham music and Birmingham in general if we could get these lads on the TV. Lets show some community spirit and get Brum on the map!!
You need to vote for these guys!, they are at position 53 out of 1600 bands but need to get into the top 25!!!! the voting ends on the 23rd of August, so we haven't got long to get them where they belong!!!

This is how you can help:

Firstly, you have to sign up to mobileact first, it's simple
you can NOT vote unless you do...and the process takes 2 minutes at the most!

Here's How:

copy and paste the url below into your browser bar

Then follow the on screen instructions (their should be a "sign up here" tag)

The you input some details i.e username, login,password etc etc as i said before it takes about 2 minutes at most!
You can then upload a pic of yourself if you want to.

then, go to the bands pages, there are numerous ways to look up The Heathers, whether it be alphabetically ( T ) or genre ( pop )
once you've found them you can vote for them. and you can even add their songs and video to your own personal profile page.

Remember you can only vote once a day. but you can vote EVERYDAY!

So lets make an effort for these guys.