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Re: The Blitz.
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People... Hi"again,... Shut Lane, was, I think, ( by looking at todays google map, ) between Park St and Allison St, and slap bang next to Moor St Station, there is now a large carpark there, but I'm sure thats where it used tobe, being as Shut Lane was leading down to a viaduct, I think it was going down to Park St, could any one confirm this, , but need to see an old map to make sure....thanks for any help you can offer....J2..

Sorry John

I had not got round to reading this post yet, I hope this map helps. Its an early one and it shows Shut Lane running from Park St to Moor St,

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Re: The Blitz.
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Just checked your map Phil,
 Corner of Albert St.RAF Recruiting Offices,interview May 1946.Trams still ran.
Union Passage, I remember   The Copper Kettle  a lovely teashop.
Where the map says High St  I always thought of that as Bull St or was
that higher up? Was,nt the big Co-oP there..1988 had a meal at a
place named the (I think)   Union Jack Cafe beautiful fryup which was
then newish,is it still there, what abouts Boots opp the Odeon,
its amazing what a map does for your memory eh?