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Gypsy Jazz Workshop - Play like Django Reihardt.
« on: October 09, 2007, 10:04:16 AM »
Paul Vernon Chester's Next Scheduled Workshop at Walsall, West Midlands is  -
13th October 2007 
Times - 10.30am till 4.30pm
Book early to avoid disappointment.
Contact 01922 612456 or Paul Vernon Chester by email
The influence of music reaches into all areas of our lives. Both a science and an art it has been shown to increase mental ability and stimulate our emotions. The teaching of both listening and playing skills enhances all our lives.
Paul's Workshops are set up to help educate and inspire a new generation of musicians and audiences though lectures, performances and workshops in schools, colleges and youth centres. The projects provide insight into Manouche Swing Jazz  and demonstrates how jazz improvisation is performed.  The workshop is structured as follows and Paul's aim is to keep the presentation informal:
The Workshop is usually divided into two sessions within the day, Rhythm and Solo. Nick Mellor assists throughout the day and all areas covered are clearly demonstrated. The abilities of students are quickly established in order to focus on individual improvement agendas. Activities are designed to enable you to work in group, duo and individual formats. Tuition provided is designed to challenge and will cover all of the key elements of Gypsy Jazz.  The day is not heavily theoretical and employs the 'Gypsy Tradition' of demonstration and assimilation.
Essential elements however, are enthusiasm, love of the music, fun, and a real desire to improve your personal best!  The whole programme is  based on Paul's own route to this music, which he invites you to follow!  Paul and Nick will perform a set during the lunch break. The workshops are a regular feature of Paul's year and are gaining in popularity to the point where he is running additional sessions. The day is overseen by Karen, Paul's wife, who welcomes you and ensures the day runs smoothly.
For students without a 'Gypsy Guitar' there will be instruments available for you to play.            
      Rhythm Guitar Techniques - Nick Mellor
Chord Knowledge
Chord Substitution
Right Hand - technique/stroke variation
Building Tension
Chord Rolls
Solo Guitar Techniques - Paul Vernon Chester
Note Bending
Other Considerations
Starts and Endings
Repertoire Construction
Energy Waste
Performance Confidence
Building a Solo.
Pick Technique.
The Guitar.
 The Setting!
Chosen for its fine live acoustics that add to the ambience.

^The Workshop of June 2007
Student Comments:-
The Walsall Workshop was excellent, worth every penny. Paul is not only a superb musician but an excellent teacher (that is his day job of course), Nick was brilliant also. I've plenty of chord theory homework to do.  Warren.

This is just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed Saturday's workshop.  I'm really enjoying
the new CD - Duets for Django'.  Thanks to Paul, Nick and Karen for a good day. - Malcolm.
Thanks for a wonderful Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I learned a lot again from yourself and Nick, but itís more than just that, itís about being in the company of people who share my massive interest in Gypsy Jazz and being able to talk with them about the subject.  I look forward to the next workshop and hope to reflect more improvement.  Thanks to Karen for doing the food and looking after us.  - John