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fancy dress 16 mile walk
« on: February 26, 2013, 01:02:12 PM »
hi would you be interested in sponsoring me or donating to such a good cause i am doing a 16 mile fancy dress walk which i have organised in aid of all the CHILDREN on ward 15 which is a CANCER ward at Birmingham children's hospital ANY donation what so ever would be greatly appreciated. I have send hundreds of emails to local businesses made hundreds of phone calls walked for hours on end trying to promote this event i have organised all on top of being a mother of two we so far have 140 people taking part in the event and hop this will grow alot bigger I CAN SEND OUT EMAIL explaining everything in detail along with all registered charity number and logo if you require it.[/font][/size]Also could you please post the following on your wall  many thanks danielle simone evans xxx[/size]hi all please take 30 secs of your time to read this[/size]we are looking for as many people as we can to ever take part or donate.[/size]we are doing a 16 mile fancy dress walk in aid of daisy and friends on ward 15(cancer ward) at Birmingham children's hospital.[/size]so if you would be interested in taking part in our walk please add our event and inbox me and anyone interested in donating i will also attach link for online donations even a 1 donation will b great every penny counts xxx also RAFFLE TICKETS on sale can be brough online 1 a strip fantastic prizes can be seen on event page inbox for info xx search us on facebook orw w w . justgiving . com / danielle-evans2[/font]