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Sutton Coldfield Speakers Club
« on: June 08, 2013, 04:37:00 PM »
I guess this is a bit like marmite! Either  its worth thinking about or dismiss it straight away. I'm guessing that if you've clicked on this item your at least curious. The club is about helping people to improve their speaking skills by practising in front of a sympathetic audience.
Why would you want to do it? You might think that, if you could show more confidence in work presentations it would help your career. You'll find lots of members to bear this out. Or you might be doing a best man's speech. Or maybe you can't sing so want an alternative to karaoke.
Anyway its all kept fun and light-hearted. If you fancy trying it out please come to our next meeting on June 27th 7.45pm until 10.00.
The venue is Sutton Coldfield Conservative Club at 138 Jockey Road B73 5PP. (This does't mean any political affiliation)
If you want further details google sutton speakers club.
All visitors welcome