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Re: The number 8 bus route
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I wasn't aware  it had ever stopped, living in Gt Barr up until September last year . Everyday was a day of high speed high testosterone and loads of hitting the horn , best days work I ever did was to get away from there . From about 7.00am every day at the lights A N Other AKA Lewis Hamilton revving up at the lights if you were slow on the uptake when green lit up you were the target  for him honking and revving , I used to think I'm  glad I don't drive . Now in hindsight I live in a very quiet village , I often wonder was he that keen on getting to work early, or was it just the roar of the engine he liked to hear
How times have changed. These days if you head out of town on Horsefair/Bristol Street during the evening rush hour you'd be hard pressed to break 5mph ;D  It takes longer to get out of Town as far as the inner ring road some days than it takes me to get the rest if the way home  :P
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Re: The number 8 bus route
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Ladywood wasn't on your list.  :o