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Re: Coleshill Street 1970s
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A while before the 70s but I started my working life at Coleshill Street Post Office in 1962 and stayed there until 1964 when the GPO moved me on to another office.

The post office was, I think, next door to Geo. Alexander Machine Tools and just down from the Gaiety Picture House. I remember Gaskell and Chambers being the other side of the street and the unusually named Blackpool fish and chip shop also on that side.

I think it was a very deprived area to live in and was re-developed with extensions to what is now Aston University. I recently went a walk down there and, although it's difficult to envisage how it was when it's all been rebuilt, I suspect that the part of Coleshill Street that I know is now a car park as the road is divided.

Happy days though although I started work in the worst winter since 1947.

I worked  at George Alexander Machinery in Coleshill Street when I first left school. It was my first job and i was earning about thirty bob a week.   8)
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Re: Coleshill Street 1970s
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Worked round the corner at Marsh & Baxters Garage £2-17-6d.  7 till 5 +Sat morning 7 till12. 50 hrs a week
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