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Photos of Hope St School
« on: August 17, 2020, 11:47:42 AM »
Love the photos of Hope St School (long demolished I believe) - Thanks for posting those. Have done a lot of delving into Birmingham relatives history. Such a shame they bulldozed all the old "backs" and built the Aston Expressway right through where all my ancestors grew up!! It is nice to see the addresses on birth certificates but you cannot see the buildings any more. I have a commemoration book from Queen Victoria's diamond Jubilee, issued to pupils there in Hope Street school, in summer 1897. It bears the name of one of my Grandpa's Ernie's relatives, Leonard Parkes. Have not been able to find out much about him in spite of having details of other Parkes family. Mysterious.

The old Birmingham schools' log books are fascinating - some survived the WW2 bombings. So when B'ham Central library was still in original spot, the librarian on top floor allowed me to view the Smith St School log book. Old brown fat leather tome with a brass clasp. Brilliant to see it. My Grandma lived on Smith St in great poverty, (her mother was widowed in 1900) and she went there from 1902 until 1909. In the log book I found her name registered in fountain pen handwriting by the Headmaster, who also signed several books she won as prizes. She was the first literate person in her family. There was also stuff about a measles outbreak at the school, and the fact that several teachers had been sent home!
Does anyone have photos of Smith Street, or the school?


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